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Grain bin silo stiffener making machine

Short Description:

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1.Drawing of the profile of the silo stiffener:

(Machine can be customized according to your needs, the following picture is the drawing provided by our customer, for reference only.)


2.Finished Product:

2 2.png


3.Working process of the production line:

Hydraulic unwinder ----- Shovel device (auxiliary feed + leveling) ----- Pre-cutting - Main forming machine ----- Telescopic support - Hydraulic punching device - Moving pallet ----- CNC bending Hydraulic - Hydraulic cutting - receiving table


4. Machine Pictures:







5. Machine Details :


Production name

Silo Stiffener Forming Machine

Machine floor area

About 25.5m*2m(L*W

Feeding direction

left in, and right out 

Voltage parameter

380v,50Hz, 3 phase

Hydraulic oil

46# hydraulic oil

Gear oil

18# hyperbolic gear oil

Shaft diameter


Shaft Material

40Cr, quenching and tempering


Gantry type (Memorial archway type)

Rack material

Nodular cast iron

Punching die material


Rack quantity

18 rows

Drive mode

Gear box drive

Working speed

about 1 piece/min

Transmission mode

Each rack with a gear distribution box drive

Forming roller

GCr15, quenching, the hardness of HRC56-62 º

Motor power

45 KW *2 Siemens brand

Machine color

Machine base

As required

Rack and gear box

As required

6. After-sales service :

1) . User manuals / videos on installation, adjustment, setup and maintenance of the machine will be provided.

2). The machine is with Wi-Fi function, our technicians will help to work if the machine has a problem.

3). when the borders are open, we will send technicians to your factory for training. (The cost is paid by the seller.)

4). Warranty 2 years (Excluding man-made damage)

5). Delivery time: 90 working days.

6). Machine price: contact us.

7.About Us :



8.Transaction history :



9.Scope of application:
simple installation, easy operation, suitable for clearing out grains such as soybeans, corn, rapeseed, barley, wheat, and rice.
At present, it is widely used in all aspects of storage and transportation in the grain processing industry, and it has become one of the modern signs of "scattered" grain storage. Most of the grain steel silos currently constructed and introduced are used as transit warehouses, temporary storage warehouses, raw material warehouses, finished product warehouses, and storage warehouses.

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