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Grain bin silo top roof machine production line

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1. Silo Roof Profile Drawing:

(Machine can be customized according to your needs, the following picture is the drawing provided by our customer, for reference only .)




2.Finished Product:


webwxgetmsgimg (17).jpg




3.Working process of the production line:


Decoiler—leveling—cutting with angle —servo displacement rolling shear—double layer conveying roller table—single layer conveying roller table —pneumatic pressing—CNC servo punching 1#—roll forming machine 1#—conveying roller table —CNC servo punching 2#—rolling forming machine 2#—conveying roller table—pneumatic suction and palletizing


4. Machine Pictures:









5. Machine Details :






 10 tons hydraulic automatic decoiler (with feeding trolley)

 1 set


  Leveling machine

 1 set 


 Angle cutting machine

 1 set 


 Servo displacement rolling shear (with pinch roller)

 1 set 


 10m double-layer conveyor roller table (equipped with stopper, turn over, guide device)

 1 set 


 8m single-layer conveyor roller (with guide positioning)

 1 set 


 Double-station angle punching machine (including cutting small head waste)

 2 set 


 8m conveying roller table (with guiding positioning, pneumatic pressing and feeding device)

 1 set 


 Roll forming part 1#

 1 set 


 CNC servo punching machine 1#

 1 set 


 15m conveyor roller

 1 set 


 8m conveying roller table (with guiding positioning, pneumatic pressing and feeding device)

 1 set 


 CNC servo punching machine 2#

 1 set 


 Roll forming part 2#

 1 set 


 15m conveyor roller platform

 1 set 


 8m conveyor roller platform (with guide and positioning device)

 1 set 


 Automatic palletizer

 1 set 


 Electric control system

 1 set 


 Pneumatic system

 1 set 


 Hydraulic system

 1 set 


6. After-sales service :


1) . User manuals / videos on installation, adjustment, setup and maintenance of the machine will be provided.

2). The machine is with Wi-Fi function, our technicians will help to work if the machine has a problem.

3). when the borders are open, we will send technicians to your factory for training. (The cost is paid by the seller.)

4). Warranty 2 years (Excluding man-made damage)

5). Delivery time: 90 working days.

6). Machine price: contact us.

7.About Us :





8.Transaction history :




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